Spray-dyed Yarn With Multiple Irregular Colors.

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Segment dyeing refers to dyeing two or more different colors on one skein of yarn. The color and yarn can be selected at will, and the raw materials that can be applied to the production are also very widly, including cotton, viscose, polyester, acrylic, and various blend yarns, which are suitable for all kinds of textiles. The colors are rich, the layers are clear, and the fashion is trendy. It is not only popular in its own style, but also can be combined and matched with other types of yarns to give you many unexpected surprises.

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The unique yarn dyeing process can dye a variety of different colors on the same yarn, which has changed the traditional single-color yarn dyeing method, and the style of the woven fabric has made a fundamental breakthrough, showing regularity in the irregular, and showing regularity in the plane. It shows three-dimensionality, colorfulness and rich layers. In particular, one yarn can be dyed up to six colors, which can meet the needs of design and aesthetics to the greatest extent.

Product Customization

The multi-color collocation of space-dyed yarn is more flexible. Under the matching of the same group of colors, different color intervals will show different styles. With the customization of space-dyed yarns, such as the matching of components and the count of yarns, etc., can be customized on demand.

Product Advantage

Since pure cotton, polyester-cotton or low-ratio polyester-cotton blended yarn is used in space dyeing, it has all the advantages of this type of yarn: moisture absorption and breathability, smooth hand feeling, smooth cloth surface, comfortable wearing, etc. It is a kind of comprehensive clothing with excellent performance fabric. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including hats, socks, clothing fabrics, and decorative fabrics, and is not affected by seasonality.

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Product Application

A space-dyed yarn that combines multiple colors in one body. It can show so many styles that people can't count them just by the color change. Such a versatile and expressive yarn is very popular among designers and fabric manufacturers.


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