Today's Mingfu, adhering to the enterprise spirit of "diligence and development, integrity-based"


Today's Mingfu, adhering to the enterprise spirit of "diligence and development, integrity-based", puts forward higher requirements for technology, craftsmanship and quality, and has won many awards and won the unanimous recognition of customers and society.


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Shandong Mingfu Dyeing Co., Ltd.

is a large-scale yarns dyeing enterprise in China.    The company is located in Penglai, Shandong, a coastal city known as “Wonderland on Earth”.    The company was founded in 1979.    At present, the company covers an area of more than 53,000 square meters, with a modern production workshop of 26,000 square meters, a management center and a research-development center of 3,500 square meters, and more than 600 sets of international advanced technology production equipment.


  • Elevate your wardrobe with premium ring-spun combed cotton yarn

    When it comes to choosing the perfect fabric for your garments, combed cotton yarn is the first choice for people looking for quality, comfortable and durable textiles. Fabrics made from combed cotton yarn have a range of desirable qualities, including a smooth appearance, high color fastness and...

  • The Art of Plant Dyed Yarn: A Natural and Antibacterial Wonder

    In the world of yarn and textiles, the art of plant dyeing has been gaining attention for its environmentally friendly and antibacterial properties. This ancient technique involves using natural plant extracts to create vibrant and long-lasting colors, while also harnessing the medicinal benefits...

  • The Evolution of Blended Yarns: Research on Cotton-Acrylic Blended Yarns and Bamboo-Cotton Blended Yarns

    With the continuous improvement of fiber production technology, the number of new fiber materials used in the textile industry to manufacture blended yarns has surged. This significantly expands the range of blended yarn products available on the market. Blended yarns, such as cotton-polyester ya...

  • The Magic of Blended Yarns: Discover the Benefits of Cotton-Acrylic Blended Yarns

    At Shandong Mingfu Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., we understand the importance of creating high-quality yarns that are both functional and comfortable. Our cotton-acrylic blend yarns demonstrate our commitment to innovation and excellence in the textile industry. Blended yarns, such as our antiba...

  • The charm of colorful and soft 100% acrylic cashmere-like yarn

    When it comes to creating stunning and comfortable garments, yarn selection plays a vital role. One such yarn that is popular for its unique qualities is colorful, soft 100% acrylic cashmere yarn. This yarn is a clever imitation of cashmere, with the added benefits of being more affordable and ea...

As a global thinking enterprise,we have passed the certifications of GOTS, OCS, GRS, OEKO-TEX, BCI, Higg index, ZDHC and other international organizations in recent years, and has set its sights on a broader international market.

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