Space-dyed Yarns With Up To 6 Colors In Freely Combination

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Spray dyed yarn is a special fancy yarn produced by spray dyeing method which has been newly launched in the past two years. Once launched, it has been favored by designers and merchants, and the style of spray-dyed yarn fabric has made a fundamental breakthrough, so it is favored by consumers.

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The company has specially customized the splash dyeing machine by introducing Italian technology. Use a special nozzle to spray color on multiple yarns, and the color dot pattern spray dyeing process is completely perpendicular to the direction of yarn travel, so that the yarn is dyed in different sections, and its randomness is good, and the pattern repeatability Less, the interval of dyeing is short. The color dots of the spray-dyed yarn produced by this dyeing process are not easy to fall off, and because the dye is sprayed onto the yarn in the form of fog dots, the distribution of color dots is irregular, the styles are diverse, and the color fastness is high.

Product Advantage

Spray-dyed fabrics pay attention to the irregularity of the pattern, and the style of the pattern is simple but artistic, so as to express a unique leisure interest and aesthetic taste. At the same time, the use of colored dot yarns as weft or warp yarns to make the fabrics have a single-color or multi-color hazy style design is also favored by the market.

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Product Application

The yarns suitable for spray dyeing are: cotton, polyester cotton, acrylic cotton, viscose staple fiber filament, acrylic fiber, rayon, polyester filament, pure plush thread, nylon thread, nylon staple fiber filament and various blended yarns , fancy yarn. It brings rich color levels and more weaving space to the textile industry, which can bring more colorful effects.

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